The Formal Name for Daddy Longlegs is Harvestman


Photo by Juliet . 6-5-2015

Harvestmen belong to a different order of Arachnids than spiders.

The main difference is that harvestmen appear to have only one main body part while spiders have two obvious main body sections.

The Harvestman’s legs are also much longer–hence the colloquial name–and the joints at the body look almost like plugs.

Havestmen do not have venom glands or silk glands.

They are harmless to humans, and they eat lots of bugs like ticks and chiggers which are pests to us.

They are among the oldest of the arachnids. Fossils have been found that are over 410 million years old. One 165 million-year-old fossil looks barely unchanged compared to living harvestmen.

Each harvestman lives only a year.


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